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Atomio is an approachable France based electronics and software design consultancy company with over 15 years experience within the industry. The company is located in Lille, which is ideally located between London, Brussels and Paris.

The company provides made to measure systems and freelancing services for other businesses within the industrial, research, automobile and space sectors.

Atomio offers electronics design services, both hardware and software, specialising in embedded real-time control systems and test bench development.

For any requirements that are outside our skillset, Atomio is part of an international network of experts that can provide specialised design services ranging from Formula 1 sensor systems through to robotics and FPGA development.

Atomio offers prototyping and small series productions services.

Electronics Design

  • Electronic product and system design, from low power battery powered devices through to PXI based test bench development
  • All circuit development is done using Altium Designer
  • Power management and conversion, linear and switch mode supplies
  • Sensor interfacing and development
  • Embedded microcontroller designs, from PIC and ARM Cortex M4 devices through to triple mode redundant Leon3 RTAX processors
  • Communication systems :  RS232, RS485, SPI, USB, Ethernet, Bluetooth and SpaceWire links

Software Development

  • Embedded software development
  • Either OS or bare metal based software design
  • Test bench design and development using LabVIEW and PXI systems
  • Development using real-time embedded operating systems (Linux, RTEMS)
  • C/C++, LabVIEW, Java, Python and PHP development languages
  • Git is used for version control
  • Data is backed up regularly and stored in multiple locations


  • Software development for testing of prototype hardware
  • Proof of principle prototype fabrication using wire-wrap, strip-board or COTS modules
  • Design verification software and hardware for environmental, functional and reliability testing
  • Feasibility Studies for helping to assess high-risk parts of your projects

Examples of some previous projects

Instrumentation Development

Participation in the development of the Engineering Bread Board model of a high precision, low frequency 3 axis magnetometer for ESA's Solar Orbiter mission. Embedded software development and testing (in C) for a Leon3 SPARC processor. Launch is scheduled for October 2018.

Test bench Design

Design of a test bench to perform reliability measurements of RF MEMS switches. Several interface boards were developed to measure the number of switching cycles and the evolution of the ON state resistance. All data was acquired using a PXI system and then processed using LabVIEW.

Embedded Systems

Embedded software development and testing for a electric vehicle charger that adheres to the standard "ZE Ready". This charge control software has been installed in hundreds of charging stations globally.

Linux and Android Development

Design and development of code to capture video and audio data from an external camera plugged into a Nexus 5 smartphone. The code was developed using C and Java alongside Android's NDK toolset. The system has been used by astronauts on-board the International Space Station.

Electrical Ground Support Equipment Systems

Development of an EGSE that communicates with a magnetometer instrument through a dedicated SpaceWire link. The developed EGSE LabVIEW software allows the visualisation and storage of data for further processing.

Power Supply Design

Design, development and testing of a switched-mode high power (300W) supply system for large passive RF imaging platform.

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Solar Orbiter image credit : O. Usher (UCL MAPS) 

The vehicle charging station photo is courtesy of Nissan Europe.